Scan, OCR, and catalog all your paper documents



October 3, 2018 - Open Paperless has been acquired by Mayan EDMS! We are thrilled to be now part of the project upon which we built ours.

Be sure to follow to Mayan EDMS for more details.





Features Overview

Implementing a paperless office, managing manufacturing documentation or sorting your receipts has never been so enjoyable.


Improved Visual Language

No just color, but animations, sizes and the locations of the visual elements have been updated to provide semantic information while remaining pleasant to the eyes.


Beautifully Responsive

The user interface support many display sizes. The visual elements are automatically adjusted to provide the best viewing experience in any devices.

Responsive Ipad.jpg
Sidebar menu.jpg

Smart Sidebar Menu

Our menu system has a persistent feature that intelligently keeps it open to speed up access to the commonly used links. The new menu system also provides a natural horizontal visual harmony. View selection and interaction are seamlessly blended with this design.

Easier Selections

Select any document by just clicking in the body of the card. The visual indication and animation will let know now at a glance what you’ve selected.

Upload wizard.jpg

Friendly Upload Wizard

With a visual and functional style you’ll always know what steps you’ve completed and what remains to be done to finish uploading your documents.



All documents are automatically transcribed. The resulting text can be downloaded and is used to power the full text search engine. Never lose another document in a sea of PDF files. Any word or fragment of text can be use to search any document.


Metadata, Indexing, Tagging, Categorization

Use the categorization strategy that best fits your personal workflow. Don’t want to classify document by hand? Use our templating language to tell the system how you want your document classified and it will do it for you.

Some of Our Users


This tool provides a robust platform that allows smart, fast scanning of great quality.
— Damián Amoedo,
Open source software for scanning, indexing, and archiving paper documents. Could be a useful starting point if you wanted to build something in this space.
— Nat Torkington,
This very simple to use tool will allow us to digitize all our documents in a fast, efficient way and in the storage medium that we want, whether in the cloud or local, its storage policies and the use of labels will allow us to perform segmentation that will make management much faster and its integrated viewer will allow us to preview any document without much effort.
— Luigys Toro,
...excellent applications that allow for proper storage, intelligent document analysis and an efficient search engine. It also supports converting documents, verifying correspondence, signing documents, editing and adding metadata, OCR management, document customization, and more.
— Alberto M. Sato,

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